Our Team

Though our roots as an organization are recently gathering a foothold, the team comprised at Valley Aviation is far more rooted in the industry. Our team is determined to get the job done right for you. 

Valley Aviation is comprised of both long time veterans with years in the industry, and young up and comers who are creative and vibrant on an upward career path. Together they encompass the perfect company culture we want at Valley Aviation. 

This allows those with experience to have a more open mind to changes while cultivating and honing our apprentice members into experts themselves. 

At Valley Aviation, we are focused on sustainability both within our company and our clientele. You will feel that as a customer. We understand it's not always an easy project or solution. If it were, you wouldn't be looking for us. 


24/7 Service

No matter where you are, we are available for you around the clock. Our team is positioned to meet your needs at a moment's notice so you don't lose sleep wondering what's going on while you aren't in the office or facility. 

We provide 24/7 AOG service when a problem arises, and our logistics services team gets what you need in the shortest time possible. 


Why use us?

Valley Aviation's supply chain management team is world class. We'll get what you need directly from OEM's, distributors, suppliers, and MROs with assets in the condition you need, and get it to you quickly and safely all while reducing logistical hassles. 

 As an excellent resource tool, we procure parts from our available inventory pool, and from our partners strategically located around the globe.  If your parts are stored with us, we are only a call away to get it in your hands as soon as possible 

This ensures the fastest turnaround and limited down time for your aircraft or MRO service.